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Recreational Club Management, Inc., was formed to provide a service to the RV industry (and other industries as needed). Our goal is to organize and successfully manage a separate club for each manufacturer requesting our service. In doing this we recruit the members, process the memberships, produce a newsletter and plan and operate trips and rallies for each club. It is very important that each club be kept as a separate entity and its identity be kept entirely separate from each of the other clubs. Most of the trips/rallies we offer will be offered to several of the clubs, sometimes in the same year. Occasionally we will combine several clubs in one trip. But even then each club will be kept separate in the listings, rosters, etc.

In processing memberships we must be very careful to be sure that the members are listed in the correct club and sent the information pertaining to their club. This is also true in sending out recruitinent information. When names or labels are sent to us from a manufacturer, this information must be identified right away with the correct club name.

Another important area of identification for each club is in the production of their club newsletters. Of course each has its own newsletter and sometimes articles are interchangeable. We must be sure that all references to any one club be changed when doing this. And we must be sure that the articles are applicable to the club concerned (an article about fold down campers would not be appropriate for a motorhome club).

As an additional service to the manufacturers and club members we also handle the sale of wearables with the company logos embroidered/transferred onto each item. Here too we must be sure to keep each company separate and be sure to put the correct logo on the items ordered. Orders are placed by employees of the manufacturers, dealers and retail customers. Special attention should be placed on the processing of the order, writing it, pulling the items for the order and the actual embroidering and shipping of the order.

This is an elementary overview of what we actually do at Recreational Club Management, Inc. The explanations are intended for people who will not be working in the areas being described. The idea is to explain the company's overall mission and to show how the various activities fit together.

We have set very high quality standards for our work here in order to better serve our customers and to maintain our competitive standing. Our jobs are dependent on the success of this company. Quality is our key, and we make every effort to ensure that all products meet the highest standards possible.

Our future depends on doing our jobs to the best of our ability. Efficiency will produce the necessary profits to assure continued expansion and maintain our position in the field. Let's all work together for the success of our future.

Larry & Sherry Branham founders of RCMI

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