Recreational Club management is fully equipped to manage and administer the affairs of an RV association on a day to day basis...while planning in detail and depth the developments for the future. RCMI speaks the language of the experienced RVer. We understand the needs and concerns of the newcomer and know from "haveing been there" what the RV family of all ages enjoys doing and seeing.

Our mission reflects the values on which the company was founded... provide the full operation of a total membership association with all possible advantages for both the members and the corporation and it's dealers. represent the best interests of our clients attract and develop dedicated personnel assure clients of expanded and continued future service
We have...

...a combination of the most experienced caravan and association management directorship in RV club camping.
...a working knowledge and experience with campgrounds, tourist attractions, state and local tourist agencies and the necessary service organizations
...the experience in on-site rallies and over-the-road caravan programs
...the full time staff as well as a trained backup "reserve staff" to conduct all types of rally and caravan programs
...the equipment and supplies necessary to operate the programs' activities (PA system, portable stage, water systems for rallies, cookoing equipment, and special trailers for hauling equipment to the rallies)
...unique seminar and workshop programs of special interest to the members
...the contacts and "client member" strength of numbers to enable RCMI to negotiate the best possible terms and benefits for your club members