Recreational Club Management has been managing company-sponsored clubs for eighteen years. It is the only experienced management organization of its type. Our expertise is centered on the world of RV travel and its specialized needs and activities. RCMI was formed in an effort to use our experience in club camping to help your company reap the benefits of which companies with clubs are already aware. We know what is necessary to recruit members, keep them involved and active in the club activites. In addition to the various company-sponsored clubs, we operate all the caravans and ralies for Camping World's Presidents Club members.

Our marketing area is the entire United States and Canada. If a company has sales in Canada we recruit those customers along with all customers in the United States. Our caravan/rally portfolio also includes locations throughout the United States and Canada (including Alaska). From time to time we also offer trips (without the RV) to Hawaii and on Caribbean cruises. We know by virtue of their lifestyle that these are trips that the members will take at some point in their life and we offer them a chance to take it with the friends that they travel with in their RV.

Recreational Club Management is a member of RIVA and the South Bend/Mishawaka Chamber of Commerce. We have been an active member of the RV Manufacturer's Clubs Association (an organization of several company-sponsored club directors) since the mid-70's.

RCMI's commitment to communications and services includes:

Regular communication with the sponsoring manufactures

Toll-free direct telephone lines for members' use

Periodic employee/crew communications and orientation meetings.

Special company newsletter to keep all employees and crews apprised of current updates, club/trip happenings, regional rallies, caravans, etc.

During our years in the RV industry we have seen many sides of the industry and in doing so feel there is a definite advantage to the company-sponsored RV club. Once a customer joins a club and makes friends with other owners, he is more likely to stay with the same brand when trade-in time comes. A club is a great way for you and your dealer to gain rapport with your customers. They keep coming back to your dealer for parts, accessories and eventually another RV. Its a great way to build confidence, loyalty and good customer relationships that last throught the years!

If you are a manufacturer or another interested party interested in starting a club or looking to expand on an already existing one please call us at 1 (800) 262-5178. We would be happy to talk with you.